Focus: Live music distribution for the 🥙$Döner 🍽Tallrik 🤲Collective

Focus: Live music distribution for the 🥙$Döner 🍽Tallrik 🤲Collective

Focus on distribution music and art trough live-streaming perfomances

Screenshot from the community Telegram 25.02.2022.

We are developing a music distribution network for the young and talented musicians and artists in our community. Founders include computer science nerds, including sound technicians with main stage experience in Europe. Also, several musicians have joined.

The plan’s first stepping stone is to make an online distribution scheme for music and art! The short-term goal is to earn back the current expenses by selling music and art-NFTs that we make and distribute ourselves.


  1. Facilitate minimally one musical performance live stream each week.
  2. Distribute each mix trough a distribution network.
  3. Grow the fanbase
  4. Artists should be able to seamlessly broadcast their performance through our distribution network while they perform. Such as at
  • Bitstreet
  • Nerdekollektivet
  • A club
  • A bar
  • In nature
  • On a moving vehicle
  • At a $Döner Kebab restaurant


  1. Sourcing and facilitating musicians and artists from Bitstreet and nerdekollektive to perform on live-stream.
  2. Prototype live-streaming setup
  3. Designing and build a distribution network that efficiently can distribute a live video of artist’s performances to the wider world.


  1. iPhone 13 for live-streaming and recording capabilities
  2. Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.
  3. EvermixBox 4 DJ Set Recording Interface to make live-streaming and recording easier.
  4. Streamlabs broadcast to several live stream platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously.

Catch the live performances next week when 🥙 $Döner 🍽️. Tallrik 🤲Collective we get the equipment at the following platforms:

Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch

Sincerely. ☮️ Out!

👥 Community, 💸 music, 🎧 performances, 🖼 NFT collection 📦 art distribution, 🥙 $DÖNER, 🍽️ Tallrik,💰 Coin & 🛠️ Prototyping

Sincerely, 🥙🍽️.

🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥
🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥
🥙$Döner 🍽️Tallrik 👥Collective (🥙🍽️👥)
🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥
🥙🍽️👥 ~ 🥙🍽️👥

🥙🍽️💌 ~ 🥙🍽️💌
🥙🍽️💌 ~ 🥙🍽💌 ~ 🥙🍽️💌
🥙$Döner 🍽️Tallrik 💌Fans (🥙🍽️💌)
🥙🍽️💌 ~ 🥙🍽️💌 ~ 🥙🍽️💌
🥙🍽️💌 ~ 🥙🍽️💌




🥙 $DONER 🍾 Art, 💸 SmartBch,💰R&D 🛠️ and 👥 community 🪙 token 💹

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🥙 Döner Tallrik Fake News

🥙 Döner Tallrik Fake News

🥙 $DONER 🍾 Art, 💸 SmartBch,💰R&D 🛠️ and 👥 community 🪙 token 💹

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